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Flower Therapy

There are different types of frequencies emitted by flowers that adapt to your needs. Among them we offer Bach Flowers, Mediterranean Flowers, Flowers of the Dawn, Golden Ladies, Percival Roses and Amazonian Orchids. Is an organic therapy with no sides effect and you can use in all live beings. Even you can use in your physical space such your house or office.

Bach Flowers

Dr. Edward Bach, created the first floral preparations from wildflowers essences that promote our innate abilities to rebalance our emotional states.

Mediterranean Flowers

This system created by Pedro Lopez Clemente, the action is on the subtle body, on an emotional level or even on a soul and spiritual level.

Dawn Flowers

They work on a cellular psychic information transmitted generationally. Uncertainty, anguish and inner emptiness are some examples.

Golden Ladies

they work on self-knowledge allowing us to have another level of appreciation and understand the balance to achieve.

Percival Roses

They work on memory and evolution, having coherence within us.

Amazonian Orchids

Their field of action is ethereal and emotional, they vibrate with the higher planes establishing cosmos-individual-earth links.

Astrology – Solar Revolution

This knowledge helps us to be prepared for important changes in any area and whether there will be emphasis on any of them. By having the knowledge of this solar position, it will be able to show us which area has the most connotation and thus we will be able to take advantage of the best that there is in our destination.

Feng Shui Consultant

I use the knowledge of ancient Chinese practices of Feng Shui to help you create a more harmonious energy flow and positive chi in your space. I will bring my own unique way of approaching your home or work environment, rearranging if needed and transforming your space to reflect your true nature.


Numerology is a tool to know about one’s life path number. I will use ancient mystical science to determine your planet connection based on the vibration number. Discover your personality traits, strengths and weaknesses with Numerology, even find clarity with important decisions as career choices.

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I can help you decode and describe your inner world, personality traits, love life, finances, professional life, marriage, partners, parents, children, siblings and friends with the use of stars and planets. I can identify potentialities and behaviours linked to celestial objects

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