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The knowledge of the energetic potential contained in flowers is very old, it has been jealously guarded among some ancient cultures and its record is found in very ancient books such as the Upanisads, the Taoist Medicine and others. Their knowledge was hidden, restricted and of an initiatory nature since whomever handled them had to be previously prepared. In the 1930s, Dr. Edward Bach, a pioneer in this topic, created the first floral preparations from wildflower essences, creating 38 remedies that promote our innate abilities to rebalance our emotional states and harmonize emotional discomfort.

This therapeutic method captures the vibrational energy of the flowers, plants and bushes in a natural way, with respect, without being mistreated or cut, or intervened in any way, and creates the floral essence that has a specific emotional purpose.

In the 90’s, Pedro López Clemente created the Floral Essences of the Mediterranean and the trilogy of the Golden Essences (Sunrise Flowers, Golden Ladies and Roses of the Percival).

There are other systems such as Orquideas Amazonicas, California System, and others.

Now you may be wondering how the flower therapy works….

I will explain it to you, this vibrational energy that is captured from the wildflowers, by solar exposure or boiling, has an electromagnetic and vibrational field of action that we use in the subtle bodies, on an emotional level, on a soul, spiritual level and in physical spaces.

Let’s now understand in what situations we can use it…

Dr. Bach originally classified emotions and diseases into 7 Groups: To treat fears, to treat and deal with uncertainty, to treat manifestations of loneliness, to treat disinterest, to treat susceptibility to influence and opinions, to treat dejection or despair and to treat suffering for others.

There are situations derived from life and situations derived from diseases; there are emotions that cause illness in us and there are illnesses that cause emotions; and while it is true that this therapy does not replace medical treatments, we can use it as a coadjutant in diseases; for example, we can become aware of habits that cause an illness, you can be aware of acts that can lead or have already led to an illness.

In multiple occasions, the fight between the mind and the soul leads us to emotional situations or painful internal struggles leading us to get sick. Some people call this “diseases of the soul”, and believe my dear readers, in my former professional practice I received many people who, although it is true that they suffered from some clinical symptoms, were mostly not only had emotional problems but also spiritual and soul illness.

This therapy is organic, it has no adverse effects, there is no overdose, it can be administered to children, pets, and plants if they are prescribed by a flower therapist. It can also be used at different intervals and in different ways such as drops, spray, diffusers or directly on the skin, it just depends on your needs and personal situation.

I’d like to highlight that we all have different personalities, individual reactions, influence of different environments and different pasts, which is why I believe that therapies should be personalized in consultation with your flower therapist.

Both my experience with this therapy and my background help me understand the process you are in, I can help you get out of that crisis you may be in or accompany you in the process in the one you find.

Sometimes in life we just need company, support, a word, a gesture, or simply to be listened to, but the most important thing is that you understand the reason for the situation and see clearly where you stand to continue this beautiful path of life.

Right now, we are in a stage in the consciousness of the human being where we have interference of all kinds, there are electromagnetic interferences such as those derived from radio frequency waves, there are interdimensional interferences, there are implants, erasures of memories, changes in timelines, and many more. There are essences that we can use to minimize or avoid this type of interference, so its daily and preventive use is essential.

As I have always said, if you have knowledge and you feel it is truth, it will become your truth, that is why I invite you not to stay with this little information, keep reading, knowing, instructing yourself and you will see that the truth will set you free…..