Enlightenment is the deep understanding of our consciousness

Understanding our personal growth is unlocking our inner power for self-empowerment, problem solving, relationship improvement, personal growth, and continued development of self-awareness.

Improve the flow of energy

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Flower Therapy

It harmonizes emotional states and those that accompany imbalances in living beings


Solar revolution helps you to know the positive aspects of your birth card to be successful

Feng Shui

Harmonize the atmosphere of your home or office to attract good energy


Know aspects of yourself and take advantage of it in order to be successful in different areas of life

About Me

Hi, I’m Alessandra

As a lover of the truth, I have understood that the truth is only in you, but we must return to the origin and truly discover our being. This is laborious, lonely, and we have energies around us that wear us down, that weaken us, that divert us, and that are not even yours, familiar weights that we drag without knowing why.

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The knowledge of the energetic potential contained in flowers is very old, it has been…

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Our Happy Clients!

“I took flower therapy and it helped me leave the past in the past…”​


“Desde que tome las infusiones a base de flores de Bach preparadas por Alessandra, ha sido una verdadera maravilla para el alma…”​

Alexander B.

“I used to be highly disturbed by my own thoughts all the time… However, ever since I started taking the flower drops I haven’t had a hard time shutting those down…”​


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